Lead, South Dakota , on January 5, 2011 – Huge Snow

Huge snow storm in Lead, South Dakota. And I thought it was bad in Ohio.

27 thoughts on “Lead, South Dakota , on January 5, 2011 – Huge Snow

  1. This is a joke, right? Some of these pictures have already made it around the web. They are from 2004 – Labrador Highway in Canada. Research it. I’ve seen quite a few of the others in past years, also. Use your own pics and stop stealing others.

      • She’s not so crazy. The name embedded at the bottom of some of those photos, Jean Cazes, is a Quebec photographer. The street name in one of the photos, Bilodeau, is not a Lead SD street name but is common in Quebec. And I, too, have seen these photos in past years. If someone sent an email around with your name below a picture of an ostrich, would you believe it?

        • I made a post with what I knew at the time. The email said it was from Leads so I posted it that way. Next time I’ll take the time to figure out if everything sent to me is true or not.

          If there were a picture of an ostrich with Jason Grim below it, I would believe it. There is a chance that someone or something else out there shares my name. Just like with photos.

  2. Stealing pics. Wtf? I dont see a claim to the copyright to these in your post. This lady needs to chilllll.

  3. I believe some of these pictures were actually taken in Europe, in the first picture the snowplow shown is manufactured by a company in Norway, which is not to say it could not have been bought by a US company. In the second picture the cars are driving on the opposite side of the road, the way they drive in Europe; Canadians drive on the same side of the road as the US. A street sign in one of the pictures shows the name Bilodeau, which is a popularly used name in Norway…well that brings my Sherlock observations to an end.

    • Nor do they drive on the “opposite” side of the road in Europe – just in the UK (that would be the island off the mainland that makes up England, Scotland and Ireland). General consensus is that these were taken back in 2000 in Quebec…though quite possibly covers several areas during several different storms and have been combined in a false story for folks to believe it was all one storm in North Dakota…or South Dakota… False story, true photos! Either way, wicked cool.

      • My thoughts exactly. After I was told it was false I thought about removing the post. But I still find the images cool to look at. Maybe I should edit the post a bit with some true information. Weird thing is that with some research there were similar images on cnn.com.

      • (that would be the island off the mainland that makes up England, Scotland and Ireland).
        Ireland is a separate island.

  4. Yeah this definitely isn’t Lead, SD!!! I live near there …. and it looks nothing like this nor did it on Jan. 5, 2011. I find it humorous they choose Lead – a place out in the middle of nowhere. I’m guessing it’s a compilation of pictures from other places.

  5. It’s obvious to the trained eye that these pics where taken in Key West Florida…..Com on man…..

  6. Who cares if they were taken in East Jallapy the pics are cool. Stop being so impressed with yourselves. Investigation, mestagation as long as I’m rich. lol, com’on that was a daffy duck line. Give it up people , where’s my ha, ha’s !

  7. Jason –
    The discussion point is about responsibility. You did not even look at the source tags on the photos. You passed the pics on believing what you were told, even when it was clear that at least some of the pics weren’t from SD. In this situation it’s all HA HA. And the pics are way cool. But others do the same thing with political stuff, spreading disinformation all over the web so that it is difficult to learn the truth about cadidates and issues. This distortions in the media are bad enough without us folks out in Television Land adding to it. So Jason, please be responsible and question everything you see on the web.
    AL in Television Land

    • Thanks for the life lesson. Little did I know that posting cool pictures on a whim would cause world mayhem.

      I’ll be sure to take the safe route. I’m in the process of tracking your IP to make sure you are a real person and not a Russian spy. I’m not sure if I can trust your words otherwise.

  8. Sorry, if I stirred it up again for you. My Aunt sent an email. I liked a picture. Posted the info I had so as not to upset anyone and it upset them any way…

  9. such is life elizabeth….you can’t please everyone all of the time….as for the pics…I don’t
    care where they are from…they have a beauty to them and am grateful I am not in that beauty!!!!! Carry on and remember to smile

  10. A good friend forwarded me these same pics, also attributing them to Lead, Sd, Jan. 5th 2013. I enjoyed viewing these remarkable images and searched for a link to send on to others. That’s when I came across your site—thanks for posting—the many replies set me straight, but took nothing away from my enjoyment of seeing them in the first place.

    Thank you!

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